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“Bill 6 hurts hard-working Alberta farmers, and must be repealed,” the website states. “A united, free-enterprise government would repeal Bill 6 as soon as possible.” In other words, Kenney wants to take Alberta back to those regressive days when pigs were treated better than their human caretakers. There is really no reason why a “free-enterprise government” and human rights have to be mutually exclusive, but those who mindlessly worship at the altar of the free market can’t see it. Apparently, some people must be abused, exploited, injured or killed so other people can make money. It sounds like a tenet that the proprietors of some fire trap shirt factory in the Third World might cling to. Yet, how else to interpret what’s behind this weird mutual exclusivity of free enterprise and human rights in Alberta? The obtuseness on the part of the free-enterprisers never ceases to amaze. Occupational health and safety laws protecting farm workers have been in place in Manitoba and Saskatchewan for more than 30 years. The sky has not fallen. The agricultural economy in those provinces has not suffered for it.

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